Our feature bike this year celebrates 100 years of Harley-Davidson in Canada. In 1917 Fred Deeley’s, located at 968 Granville Street,  became Canada’s first Harley dealer.

With the war raging in Europe and and America just entering the war in April of 1917, the US military would go on to purchased 20,000 Harleys for the war effort.


The fact that this example, which theoretically could have been sold by Deeley’s in 1917, survived the two wars and 100 years is amazing.

Bought from Grant Budd of Prairie H-D in Regina, in the mid 80’s, and restored by owner Joe Drociuk, this 1917 Model 17-F is a great looking machine. Joe had to source parts from Sweden, Norway, Australia and of course the US to complete this bike. This was done prior to the internet allowing us to buy parts worldwide!

The Model 17-F is a 61 ci (1000 cc) 16 HP, three speed v-twin which sold for $275.00. The “F” denotes that it has magneto ignition and was sold with no headlight or taillight, those items would be bought by the owner from an accessory supplier. 

Our thanks to Joe for preserving this piece of motorcycling history.